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Articles in this Issue!

CARBON COPY Diamonds through Antiquity by Jan Asplund
THE SPICE OF LIFE Chatoyancy - Is it magic or simply Mother Nature? by Leone Langeslag
MONEY CENT$ - God Save Us by Geoff Dominy
SMART THINKING - How to Build a Smart Phone Microscope
FAIR PLAY - More than just a Gemstone by Geoff Dominy
AS THE WORLD TURNS - News and updates from the World Gem Foundation Academies
TOOLS OF THE TRADE – The Dichroscope by Geoff Dominy
MEET THE TEAM - Get to know the people behind World Gem Foundation
FINGERPRINT FILE – The Lost Art of Gem Identification by Geoff Dominy
OUT IN THE FIELD - Idar-Oberstein with a touch of ‘Splendeur Française’ ! by Deborah Mazza
CITES & CORAL - Precious and Ornamental Coral in Jewelry and Decorative Objects by Cristina Rzepka de Lombas
FLUORESCENCE - Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited by Michael Cowing
PHOTOMICROSCOPY - Photomicrography - a world within a gem by Egor Gavrilenko
NEWS FROM DOWN UNDER - The Australian Opal Centre: Long-awaited Centre for a Magnificent Gemstone by Jenni Brammall
GEMMOLOGY – The Women who are Shaping our Industry – Interview with Donna Hawrelko, President of the Canadian Gemmological Association
ASIAN STIR FRY - A conundrum this corundum by Peter Grumitt
LET THERE BE LIGHT - Light and Gemstones: Spectrometric Identification Tools by Joel Dyer

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