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The fourth issue of Gemmology Today is now available. Packed full of interesting and diverse articles, it is accessible online and is free of charge. Designed for jewellers, gemmologists and gemmological students who are looking for something a little different!

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Gemmology Today

Articles in this Issue!

CARBON COPY The formation of the first European Diamond Trading and Cutting Centers by Jan Asplund
IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Connoisseurship: The Finer Points Crystal - The Fourth ‘C’ by Richard Wise
THE DAILY GRIND Interview with award winning gem cutter Victor Tuzlukov
MONEY CENT$ Getting Blood out of a Stone by Geoff Dominy
GEMMOLOGY TODAY QUIZ How’s your Gemmological General Knowledge?
FINGERPRINT FILE Ruby Tuesday by Geoff Dominy
THE SPICE OF LIFE Peri-WHAT? by Leone Langeslag
ONE MAN’S JUNK IS ANOTHER MAN’S TREASURE Any Old Iron: Dauvit Alexander by Deborah Mazza
GRADE SCHOOL Diamond Design and Light Performance by Michael D. Cowing
TOOLS OF THE TRADE A Man, A Magnet and An Idea… by Kirk Feral
MEET THE TEAM Get to know the people behind World Gem Foundation
LAB TALK Rock with a Little Heavy Metal (Part Three) by Egor Gavrilenko
OUT OF THIS WORLD Sci-Fi Heaven or Plain Old Glass by Conny Forsberg
OUT IN THE FIELD The Magical Quartz Forest of Selvino, Italy by Joel Dyer

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